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Here at Your Local, we have put together a professional team of window cleaners to make sure that our York customers have the best quality service possible. Our expert window cleaners offer both a home and commercial window cleaning service, so everyone can enjoy the clean windows their home or business deserves. We value our customers, and their windows, too!

So, what window cleaning services do we offer in York?

On the lookout for a window cleaner in York? Our cleaning specialists are available throughout the week to keep your beloved Yorkshire home – or business – spick and span. As we only employ experienced and professional window cleaners, we promise to provide the best quality service possible. Here’s what we offer:

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Lucie Binfield
Lucie Binfield
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"I booked a clean online on Sunday, the process was really simple, and I’ve had my windows cleaned today (Tuesday!) They have done a great job (my previous window cleaner couldn’t do two of my windows, despite using similar equipment, but they managed to clean all of them!) Great service, thanks so much!"

Window cleaning

Our team of window cleaners at Your Local are experts in their trade. Offering a wide variety of services means that our customers will never miss out on a window cleaner in York. Our window cleaning services are sure to boost the appearance of your shop or home, so why not check out what we do best?

Interior & exterior window cleaning

Keeping the interior of our customers’ windows clean is as important to us as the exteriors. That’s why we make sure that both the inside, and the outside, of your windows are washed thoroughly. Our York window cleaners will leave your glass sparkling every time.

Rooftop/skylight cleaning

We’re not like other window cleaners. Here at Your Local, our team never forgets about those high up spots, even if they’re tricky to get to. Our team takes extra special care to scrub the dirt from every window that needs it.

Window cleaning benefits

There are many upsides to having clean windows, besides them being pleasing to look at, of course. But what else can you expect?

  • Clean windows let in more light – Windows are made to let in light, so why not facilitate this and keep your windows clean all year round?

  • Damage sustained will be visible – Catch any window damage early by cleaning your windows regularly. Any cracks or chips can then be fixed quickly and easily.

  • Overall window maintenance – Window frames and glass last a lot longer when they are cleaned frequently. That’s why giving them a regular, good scrub is always a great idea.

Why choose our cleaning services?

Our York window cleaners are essential to the community. The gothic streets of York look even better when the commercial windows are shiny and clean. That’s why we aim to leave a lasting impression with tourists visiting the Shambles, or walking up to the York Minster, through professionally cleaned windows. We’ll help keep them coming back for more.

We also look after the homes of York people, too. Keeping those historical buildings in tip top shape via a great service is why we do what we do. Let our York window cleaners do what they do best and we promise you won’t regret it.

Cashless & Quick

Our online, mobile friendly service, means you can come home to gleaming windows without having to remember to visit a cash machine or have cash lying around.

ECO Friendly products

We have a passion for being environmentally conscious. We use only natural ingredients in our cleaning products, so they’re safe for you, your pets and your plant life.

Safe & Secure

Our online security means a lot to us. All of our platforms and payment gateways are safe and secure using the latest in technology so you can manage your account with piece of mind.