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We’re connecting with local windows cleaners all over the UK. Use our postcode search to find a window cleaner near you. If we haven’t got one; we’ll find one.


We’re speaking to lots of neighbours on lots of streets, so we’ve already answered lots of questions. See our frequently asked questions page for a quick answer.

Who are

Your Local

We’re traditional window cleaners with a modern twist. We’ve been a family run window cleaning business since 1919. As a young lad I always saw my grandfather with ladders and rags; everyone knew that meant he was a window cleaner. Decades later, when I see the team with their ladders & vans, everyone knows they’re window cleaners too. It’s funny how things have come full circle.


It wasn’t a surprise to anyone that in 1989 my brother and I set up our own business. Two young lads with a £200 Rover on finance. But, by then, things had changed. People had gone to the moon. The Berlin Wall had come down. Everything seemed bigger. Maybe it was because we’d grown up but somehow things seemed less local.


In 1919 my great-grandfather started his window cleaning business in Otley. My grand-father was a window cleaner. So was my father. As my brother and I grew up we were part of a window cleaning family. We knew the people on our dad’s round and they knew us.


By 2019 the new business, Nationwide Window Cleaning, had 340 customers and brought in £20 million a year. We had big contracts, cleaning windows of big buildings for big companies. It felt big.


The small brotherly business grew like everything else. By 2006 the Tasker brothers’ rounds became Tasker UK Ltd with 110 people working for us. We sold the business but I couldn’t walk away from window cleaning. This time I started again, from scratch, without employees or customers to see if I could do it on my own.

I was powerfully reminded of the connection my family had with their communities. I was reminded of the pride my father, grandfather, great-grandfather found in making a whole street shine. I knew it was time for a change.


Then, in 2020, the whole world seemed to pause. People stopped looking global. Trapped inside their house, people focussed on their neighbours. For the first time in decades, people truly noticed the streets they lived on. For the first time in decades, I noticed the street I lived on.


And so, in 2021, YourLocal was born. A modern approach to a timeless issue. YourLocal connects people with a local window cleaner. With a few simple steps people can soon have gleaming windows. But, we don’t stop there.

We’ve seen that when people take pride in their windows, that grows. People take pride in their streets and feel better connected with their own little neighbourhood. We’re here to support that feeling.

As well as cleaning windows we also fund micro-local projects such as Little Free Libraries, litter-picking and hanging basket workshops.

Why do people love Your Local?

100 Years Experience

We’re traditional window cleaners with a modern twist. Your Local has been a family run window cleaning business since 1922. That’s over 100 years experience

Cashless & Quick

Our online, mobile friendly service, means you can come home to gleaming windows without having to remember or visit a cash machine or trawl through Facebook recommendations

Cleaning up the streets

Our local services and charitable community projects are designed to bring the shine back to British streets. We want people to feel proud of their street and everything that makes it unique.

There's also a commercial side to us

As well as window cleaning, we can offer a range of other services to keep your business looking fresh and professional. Download our commercial services brochure here.